Monday, 5 December 2016

I Created my own Flappy Bird

Today in extension I was doing a bit of coding on the Hour of Code website. In one of the activities I tried to recreate Flappy bird but also made different versions. I hope you enjoy playing. Try Flappy Shark, Flappy Santa, Flappy Bird and Flappy Bird Hacked. If you're really insane you will also try Flappy Bird Impossible! I'd like to see you try.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

My Final Visual Mihi

Hello everyone, this shall be my final Visual Mihi for PT England School. If you didn't know what a visual mihi is, it's a singular page with you in the middle and four of the things you value most in life. As shown on the top left corner is 'Family' written fancy. It means I value family. On the top right corner it shows that I value Christianity. Then on the bottom left corner it shows the Maori flag. I am part maori and am very proud of it. Then finally on the bottom right is the best food in the whole wide world... SUSHI! So I hope you enjoyed my Visual Mihi, I enjoyed making it. If you liked it then please comment below, thanks.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Geometry - angles and lines

Letter to New Zealand

Letter: Hello my dear friends and family of New Zealand who have been affected by the earthquake, I am very sorry to hear about the natural disaster that has hit most of your homes. I hope that you all know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. You should know that food supplies are on their way. I give my condolences to those who lost someone and I pray that whoever got injured will get better soon.

For those who didn’t know the earthquake was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake! It has so far been the third biggest earthquake recorded in New Zealand history. After the quake there were over eight hundred aftershocks, about 21 aftershocks every hour! There has been landslides, cracked and broken roads and sadly some people thought it cool to go looting at the same time as the earthquake hit. It says on the news that there is a possibility that there could be a Tsunami that might hit the top of the South Island in Kaikoura.

After the disaster there were still problems occurring, for example; aftershocks, looting and possibly Tsunami’s. Some families could have lost a family member. The aftershocks as you already know were over 800. Basically two earthquakes! The tsunami is likely to happen but we don’t know yet. Some adults who need to get to work can’t because of the uneven roads and most kids would have missed out on their NCEA tests because of the quake. Lots of schools and houses have been destroyed.

So to the people of Kaikoura I really am sorry to hear about what happened. I know how big the earthquake was not only by the news telling me it was a 7.8 earthquake but the night it hit it came all the way up to where I live and I felt a little quake in Auckland. So those who are leaving have a safe trip and for those who are staying be safe and I hope that your houses and businesses get fixed.